Dead and Buried II Review

Dead and Buried II is a perfect example of what can be done with the Oculus Quest. It’s basically a shooter, but the shooting mechanics are more precise than any other VR game I’ve played on PC or console. The real kicker is that it feels like you’re actually in the middle of an Old West gunfight!

Even the original DLC packs are now available for free to all Quest owners! That’s three new maps, four weapons, six quests, and six characters.

Dead and Buried II: Reloaded includes a whole new line-up of options for customizing your character too. You can choose between several hats, vests, shirts, bandannas, pants, boots, gloves & sleeves. Each item has fashion points attached to them so you can customize your style even further.

Straightforwardness is one of Dead and Buried II’s strong points. You have your standard quest, quickdraw, horde, and survival modes along with multi-player matches against up to three other people in both local co-op and online cross-play.

The quests are an interesting addition that adds some flavor to the game’s environment. It has you doing things like protecting livestock or collecting supplies while hordes of enemies come at you from all directions. Completing these tasks will earn you gold which can be used to purchase new outfits for your character. The quests also provide a nice way to familiarize yourself with the controls if this is your first VR experience as each action must be performed by physically moving your hand or arm instead of pressing a button.

The game includes a well-implemented teleportation system that allows you to move around the map with ease, making it accessible for new VR players as well. It makes for an intense experience when combined with the sound positioning feature which allows you to pinpoint exactly where shots are coming from by listening to them through your headset.

The update adds a new map called Desperado, which is exclusive to the multiplayer mode.

In terms of weapons, three new shotguns have been added as well as two weapon bundles that contain a shotgun and a rifle. Also included is a Throwing Tomahawk with six variations and a knife for melee combat. One more thing: you can now play as an owl!

The developers have decided to remove the shooter’s third-person camera view available in the previous version of Dead and Buried II. In its place they’ve added changes to the movement system, increasing movement speed by 30%. This means there is no more long pauses when transitioning from one spot to another on the battlefield. A different control scheme also makes it easier to shoot whilst moving.

Oculus Quest players are in for a treat with Dead and Buried II’s release, as the game is one of the best shooters available to play on the standalone VR platform at this stage. Although it would be nice to see more attention given to the single-player modes in terms of content, there is no doubt that Dead and Buried II is an excellent update that provides an immersive experience with its intuitive controls and sound positioning feature.

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