Dance Central Review

Dance Central is a game about dancing and not just any kind of dancing. It’s “Dance Central” after all! For those that have played previous Dance Central games on Xbox 360 or Xbox One, you’ll find the same experience with the latest title for the Oculus Quest. This time around though, Harmonix has added some interesting new features to keep players engaged.

The premise of Dance Central is simple enough – there are 6 different songs for each level. You can get 3 stars on each song by hitting specific moves at specific times indicated by a color-coded dance meter below your character’s feet. The better you perform, the more points you score towards your overall rating for that round as well as unlockable outfits that change how your character looks. The better your rating, the more dancers and outfits you unlock overall.

The biggest change to how Dance Central plays is “On Stage” mode where instead of being a purely 1-player experience, players can play alongside an AI friend as backup dancer(s) – adding a competitive element as well as increasing your final score for each song. In addition, Harmonix has taken some fan-favourite songs from previous games and added different dance routines that incorporate both singers and background dancers all at once.

The game also has a newly added Fitness Mode that’s separate from the game’s existing Story Mode. This time it’s more than just standing still and swinging your arms around for six songs – players instead dance to choreographed routines specifically designed to make use of the entire space you have available to you (the Quest is essentially room-scale) as well as having routines require certain dance moves specific to each song. While this mode won’t be for everyone, I think it’ll be popular among those who like Dance Central but want something other than “classic” or “on-stage”.

For those that are new to Dance Central altogether, there’s also multiplayer modes where two players can go head-to-head against one another which will probably provide the most fun for those that want to show off their dance skills.

Compared to other Kinect/Move-based dancing games, Dance Central on the Quest is a step up. If you’re looking for a new game to play with friends that involves moving around and having fun, Dance Central would be a good choice. It’s not perfect though – I noticed occasional frame-rate issues as well as audio cutting out from time to time which makes some of those dance routines lose their appeal when it feels like your moves aren’t being recognized properly. Also, those that don’t enjoy dancing or exercising probably won’t change their opinions regardless of how many new features Harmonix adds in future updates. Overall though, Dance Central is still fun and definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in getting a bit more active!

Overall, Dance Central is a solid addition to the Quest lineup. Harmonix has done a great job of taking an already popular game and making it even better for VR while also adding features that make the most out of the hardware’s capabilities – though I do wish there was more content included in this release (there are only 6 songs after all). If you like dancing or want to get into it, this is easily one of the best games on Oculus Quest right now and will provide hours upon hours of fun. [ARTICLE END]

A dance-focused rhythm game with fan favourites and new routines! Take center stage and feel the beat in virtual reality with Dance Central: Spotlight for Oculus Quest.

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