Crisis VRigade 2 Review

Crisis VRigade is a first-person shooter (FPS) for the Oculus Quest. The game only has one mode: single-player. There are two maps to choose from: “Outbreak,” and “Eviction.”

When I played Crisis VRigade, I had some issues with the controls and gameplay in general. The FPS mechanics felt clunky, and there were some objects I could interact with (like doors) that didn’t respond when I tried to press them.

The graphics looked like something from the early 2000s: blocky textures, framerate drops when too much was happening on the screen at once…the kind of thing you might see when playing a PC game in 2004 after installing an outdated video card driver and accidentally turning on full-scene antialiasing.

There is no multiplayer mode or online play in Crisis VRigade; however, it’s worth noting that the gameplay is still smooth if you’re playing by yourself in single-player mode. The developers did a good job of limiting how many enemies appear onscreen so your framerate doesn’t drop.

The soundtrack is a combination of popular EDM songs from the past few years, and music for Crisis VRigade was composed by Skyler McGlothlin. The voice acting in the game sounds forced – as if a teenager were writing a script for an amateur YouTube video.

In conclusion, I would say that Crisis VRigade isn’t worth buying at full price unless you have extra money to passively burn through while waiting to be entertained on your Quest. It’s not the kind of thing you’d want to play with friends or family members because its repetitive gameplay doesn’t fully come together as fun or entertaining. I give it three out of five stars.

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