Creed: Rise to Glory Review

Have you ever wanted to be a boxer? No, I’m not talking about those bulky guys who throw punches and take punishment for a living. I’m talking about the realistic experiences of being a boxer mixed with some adrenaline-fueled action. Well, buckle up because Creed: Rise to Glory is here to give you that experience. You can play it with just a standard controller or with the oculus touch controllers. So let’s get into it, here is the review of Creed: Rise to Glory!

The game starts off with you creating your own boxer complete with customizing hair color, skin tone, eyebrows, facial hair, etc. After that, you are put through a tutorial where you learn how to play this virtual reality boxing game. It shows you everything from punching to blocking against body blows and headshots. Overall it was very helpful in learning all of the basics needed for playing the game. Then after everything is said and done you finally step out onto the center of the ring as Adonis Creed is ready for his title fight against Danny “Stuntman” Wheeler.

After that, you will play through some of the most iconic moments in Creed movies with a few more tutorials thrown in. Like I previously said, there is no difference between playing this game with touch controllers or standard controllers which is very nice not having to buy extra peripherals for it. You can use punches, dodging, ducking, and blocking with the touch controllers. It is all very smooth and responsive to your movements so no complaints there.

One thing I really liked about this game was how it made me feel like I was actually in that ring. You can hear the comments of the people around you as if they were right next to you whispering into your ear. Also, when you are playing with another human being it makes it even better since you are talking trash at each other throwing jabs back and forth before one of you lands a power shot on their body or head causing them to stumble backwards almost making them fall down except for some reason they go flying across the ring landing on their feet which leads me to my next point.

The game doesn’t have a very strong story to it but that isn’t what it’s trying to do. Like I said before, it is taking classic moments from the Creed movies and putting you in the center of it with your created character acting as Adonis Creed or his father Apollo Creed if you prefer fighting as him. If you are expecting an amazing story mode then this game isn’t for you but if you’re looking for an arcade boxing experience on VR then pick up Creed: Rise to Glory.

Overall, this was a great experience with all the options of playing available. With just standard controls or touch controllers, they give you plenty of ways to play whether it’s standing or sitting, casual or competitive. So what are you waiting for? Go out and get your boxing gloves on and start punching!

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