Cook-Out Review

“Cook-Out”, a virtual reality game exclusive to the Oculus Quest, has finally been released! For just $19.99 you can get the latest sensation that everyone is flocking to! If you are unfamiliar with “Cook-Out”, it’s an experience where the user goes behind the counter of their favorite fast food restaurant and gets firsthand experience of what it’s like to be a cook.

The game includes (but is not limited to): Making burgers, serving customers, cleaning up the dining area, and cooking french fries! This experience is “not” just for fast food lovers either! If you have ever wanted to explore your hidden potential as being a cook, this game is the perfect opportunity to see how well you would do! 

It’s not all about cooking though! If you ever wanted to experience the life of a “fast food” worker this game will be right up your alley. Once you make enough money, (the limit is $500) you can unlock other exciting experiences like: breaking plates, taking out the trash, or even working as a cashier! You’re only limited by imagination when it comes to what other roles could be unlocked.

Once you first load up Cook-Out for Oculus Quest, one thing that will be immediately noticeable is how “realistic” everything feels. The user can move around freely and interact with objects just like they would if they were actually in the game. The only downside that I have found within this game is that if you are playing while sitting or standing on a swivel chair, it can make you feel slightly nauseous at times.

This game has become extremely popular among all age groups for its easy learning curve and simple controls. With both ‘swipe controller’ motions and ‘point & click’ commands, users of all ages will be able to master Cook-Out in no time. One can easily see why this game has taken off so much because many different people can enjoy playing it for various reasons!

One thing that I would like to point out before leaving my article is how well done everything looks in “Cook-Out”. 

When you go to flip a burger, the individual ingredients will fly off the grill and it looks realistic. When you are cooking french fries, they actually look like real french fries! Even when you’re cleaning up your dining area, everything has an authentic feel to it that is often hard to find in other titles. The developers of Cook-Out truly put their heart into this virtual reality game and I’m sure most people would agree that it paid off big time!

I was one of those rare people who hated fast food with a passion just as much as I loved playing video games. “Cook-Out” wasn’t always my favorite title but now I can say that I enjoy it quite a bit. Sometimes we all need our guilty pleasures and “Cook-Out” is definitely one of them.

Thank you for reading my review of Cook-Out! If this game sounds like it’s something that interests you, I would not wait to buy it! It’s available right now on the “Oculus Store” and will run you $19.99 USD. I hope you enjoyed my article and please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any additional questions about this product or anything else video game-related.

Thanks again for taking the time to check out my work! You rock just as much as your favorite fast-food worker does!

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