Contractors VR Review

This is a review of the new Oculus Quest game: Contractors VR.

This first-person shooter (FPS) is basically what you would expect from a textured and 3D modelled environment, similar to those in the Call of Duty or FEAR series. You play as an unknown contractor whose job it is to fight bad guys in first-person.

The first surprising thing on the menu is how your gameplay can be classified as either arcade or simulation.

Arcade comes with automatic health regeneration and the sim only has a health gauge you have to watch out for. These two modes also affect which weapons are available in specific areas of the game’s story mode as sim matches reality (no one gets shot in the leg and all of a sudden they disappear) and arcade is basically: die once and you can get back up, use an auto-health regeneration magic spell, and continue to kill baddies.

Once I figured out how to play this game, which was always easy since there were no tutorials or anything like that, I jumped on the game’s story mode.

The first world you play is an office building, the next is a warehouse with bad guys loading up trucks to deliver some type of contraband since it was full of containers and crates. The last one I completed was a cave because I wanted to see what was in there. In this level, you have to fight off hordes of goblins from Middle Earth (with guns) but luckily there are no bugs or spiders… yet. Because this was only 9 stages long, it came as a bit of a surprise that 9 levels can be completed in about half an hour each. This could either mean that the developers were rushing through their work or they’re going for quality over quantity.

Since there wasn’t much variety there were only a few enemy types, but it was still fun shooting the baddies in this game with three weapons that had unlimited ammo.

The force-feedback on the controller was amazing, it really felt like I was actually holding a gun and firing at enemies. One of my favorite guns to use was the shotgun because there is nothing more satisfying than hitting someone at point-blank range with one of those babies. On top of all this goodness, you also have armour-penetrating bullets which are useful during boss battles or difficult spots where you need to make sure your shots count.

You can buy new weapons using coins you collect from killing enemies similarly to how they do in FEAR 2, but they are way too expensive for me since I couldn’t even afford most of the guns after saving up for what seemed like forever. I mean come on, you can buy a rocket launcher for over ten thousand coins which don’t seem to appear in large amounts when you kill someone.

The game has decent graphics though some textures were blurry at certain angles but that didn’t stop me from enjoying my time with this game. The sound quality is also very nice with guns having different sounds and explosions sounding like they should (a big boom).

I noticed something strange while playing this game; there are no apples or bananas present anywhere! Yes, apples and bananas are only found in first-person shooters these days as a form of currency next to coins or diamonds that you find everywhere else. I’m not sure if the developers are just trying to go against the current or are too lazy to add them in, but this was an odd omission.

If you’re looking for an FPS game on VR that you can play through pretty quickly, I would recommend this one… Also, watch out for the boss battle.

I give this game 3 stars!

Thank you for reading my article! If you have any feedback about what I did wrong or right feel free to comment below so I know how to improve my writing skills. Thanks again!

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