Cirque du Soleil Review

The Oculus Quest game Cirque du Soleil is the first virtual reality game available to use with the Oculus Quest, which is an all-in-one VR system that does not need a smartphone or computer to run. The game was produced by Ubisoft and created for Ubisoft Digital Arts, Inc. (UDAI).

Ubisoft’s goal in creating this game was to show off the type of games that could be played on a system that does not require a phone or computer. The Oculus Quest is a VR system that comes with controllers, sensors, and free movement. With only these requirements, users have the ability to run thousands of different types of VR games from all developers. Because there is no phone or computer needed, users can easily take their VR system anywhere they want. The headset is the only thing that requires a power source.

Cirque du Soleil is a virtual reality game where users are shown various acrobats and performers from Cirque du Soleil’s shows. Users start in a room with representations of various stages from each show. There are also screens that play trailers for various shows by Cirque du Soleil. Users are able to walk around in the room and go to different areas. Once users get to an area, they can select a character who then appears in front of them to start their performance. When you get close enough, you are transported into the performance. There are six different performances to choose from O, Alegria, Dralion, Corteo, KOOZA and Amalur. Each one of the areas has a slightly different VR experience depending on what show it is from.

A user can select whether they want their hands to be free or not during the VR experience. If users decide that they do not want any movement in their game, there is an option to lock them into place so that they cannot move them around. This way if users accidentally bump into something while playing this game it will not affect where you end up when you teleport to another spot or into another character.

As someone who does some circus and acrobatics tricks at home, I found this game really interesting. It was fun to be able to see professional acrobats in action and get a glimpse of what it might be like if I did it more often. There are some pretty cool things that the acrobats do in Cirque du Soleil like spins on each other’s hands while they turn around, etc. It would be really neat if you could do some of these tricks yourself, but then there is also something nice about just watching other people do them for you.

I think that this game would be great for any fan of anything from Cirque du Soleil or anyone who enjoys circus or acrobatics games/shows/tricks in general. The only downside that I have thought about when I’ve talked about it with other people is that once you start this game, you can’t really do anything else on the Oculus Rift. You have to be in this game and can’t play any others until you’re done with Cirque du Soleil.

If I was rating this game based on how much I enjoyed it, I would give it 4/5 stars because of how fun and interesting it is. However, since I am rating based on the entire experience including more than just how much I enjoyed the game itself, I give Cirque du Soleil 3.5/5 stars.

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