Bonfire Review

“Bonfire,” a title on the Oculus Quest, is a virtual reality game where you play as a person who is exploring a fire lookout tower with a seemingly old man. Within the first few minutes of playing the game, it is possible to tell several things:

He’s probably your father

The people around you are dead, and they’re just projections of you

The people around you are ghosts

This game has a very dark premise, as it is possible that your father killed everyone and then himself in the lookout tower. All of this makes for a compelling start to an already suspenseful horror-style game.

“Bonfire” is tailored specifically towards the Oculus Quest, meaning it is a virtual reality game. In “Bonfire,” there is not much movement, but this is due to the controllers being made specifically for the Oculus Quest.

While the main mechanic of the game is to look around and interact with your environment, you can also move by teleporting.

There are several objects in the environment that will help you through your journey, such as a lighter and a walkie-talkie. It is possible to have at least one object on standby at all times to use when you need it.

The game looks very realistic, which helps me believe that this is all actually happening to the protagonist.

While this game is not necessarily scary, it can trigger people who are afraid of heights or confined spaces. This did not affect my experience playing the game, but I had to take small breaks while playing due to becoming slightly uncomfortable.

In conclusion, I do recommend playing “Bonfire” because it is a very well-made virtual reality game that sets the mood and tone to a tee. The way you view your surroundings while wearing a VR headset makes you feel as if you are actually in this lookout tower with your father.

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