Bogo Review

Hello everyone! For this review, I’ll be talking about a VR game that is exclusive to the Oculus Quest. This is Bogo. Up until recently, the player could only play as a few characters but more have been added since then! The version of the game I’m reviewing is 0.4c


Bogo’s gameplay revolves around climbing up buildings and walls with your staff-like weapon to escape from bunny police officers! You can go through different levels, each one being more difficult than the last (you also unlock new weapons such as daggers and spears) that seems like they were copied straight out of typical Zelda games. There are some obstacles too such as moving platforms and wind gusts which will make you fall if you’re not careful! I think the game itself is pretty decent and over time, should become more polished as it seems like it’s still in development.


The graphics of Bogo are okay I guess. The art style looks nice and fits the gameplay style but at some points, things could be more detailed such as clouds or even shadows on walls – I hope this gets fixed in the future because right now everything just looks flat. Also, for those who don’t have a Quest yet…the shadows will probably look awful based on what we saw from previous Oculus releases (Rift S)


The audio of Bogo is good overall though there were times I found myself wondering “Is that really all?” when playing levels with minimal ambient sounds compared to ones that involve waterfalls or wind gusts. There are also a few songs in the soundtrack of Bogo which I personally enjoy listening to while playing! It’s not bad at all but if possible more high-quality songs would be great.


Overall, Bogo is decent and for a brand new game on the Oculus Quest, it’s pretty good! Though there are some issues with how flat everything looks and the lack of ambient sounds on some levels, I believe the developer will work more on this over time so I hope you look forward to what comes next from them!

Bogo Gameplay: 3/5 Graphics: 2/5 Sound: 3/5 Final score

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