Bigscreen Beta Review

TV and movie viewing has undergone a massive change in the past decade with the advent of streaming services. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes- these are just some of the many platforms where you can access your favourite TV shows and movies for an affordable monthly fee

However, there is one major downside to these modern viewing options – they lack social interaction. With family members scattered across the country or world, it’s difficult to find time to sit down together on a couch and watch something together. The rise of smartphones has only made this problem worse as now everyone is glued to their screens rather than their loved ones sitting next to them

Bigscreen VR is looking at this issue head-on by providing its users with both a social platform and a large library of streamed content from major media companies. No longer will you have to watch your favourite TV show or movie alone on a small screen stuck to a wall – now you can do so in a virtual theatre with others! With new movies, shows and events being added to Bigscreen all the time it’s easy to see why this is the future of TV and movie viewing.

What Is Bigscreen Beta VR?

Bigscreen VR is essentially an app that allows you to put yourself into virtual reality by using your PC monitor as if it were another physical screen. With Bigscreen VR you can access your computer’s desktop within VR allowing you to play games, watch videos, browse the internet, stream your favourite Twitch channel or even watch TV shows and movies with your friends all in one place

Because Bigscreen VR is open-source that means the application has many different uses for it which you can experience for free! If you want to access popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video or PBS Kids through your big screen then now you can. Bigscreen VR gives its users access to these major media giants as well as tons of other live streaming content creators so no matter what type of entertainment you’re into there’s something on Bigscreen for everyone!

Why Watch TV Shows And Movies With Friends On Your PC Screen?

The idea of watching TV shows and movies by yourself isn’t too appealing nowadays – who wants to be stuck staring at a small screen when you can watch your favourite TV shows and movies with other people in a virtual theatre? Bigscreen VR is looking to bring the social aspect of media consumption back and make it exciting as it should be!

Bigscreen VR vs Other Virtual Reality Media Players

One major question that’s probably weighing over your head is whether or not you should pick up Bigscreen VR or another virtual reality application. The answer to this question once again comes down to personal preference as both applications cater towards different audiences. If you’re looking for something simple yet fun Bigscreen VR may be perfect for you but if you want more options then perhaps checking out another one of these apps would be better suited for you:

If we were to compare Bigscreen and Reddit’s official VR application Selemix then it would be a close competition. Both applications are virtual reality-based media players that bring up content from their respective platforms within VR. While Selemix can play Reddit videos you’ll notice there are only two major differences between the two – Bigscreen has 3D capabilities while Selemix supports 360-degree videos/images. If you’re looking for something simple that brings your favourite Reddit content into VR then these features won’t matter to you but if they do then by all means check out both of these apps!


What do viewers want? That’s what every company strives to answer and Bigscreen is another one of those companies trying to cater towards its users with innovative new ideas. The open-source nature of BigScreen Beta VR gives you a chance to create your own movie watching or video gaming environment around the way you like it. Whether you want a simple theatre experience with a large screen and others watching beside you or if you want to build a home cinema for yourself Bigscreen is the perfect application for you!

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