Bait! Review

I’ve never been a fan of fishing. It looks like an awful lot of work for something that you only get to keep for a few seconds before it gets tossed back into the water. But I decided to try my hand at it in virtual reality, and what I found was Bait, a game by Resolution Games that is decidedly more enjoyable than its name would suggest

First off, there are no fish guts or scales flying all over the place here. You cast your line with one button on the side of your controller and then reel it in when you feel tension on the other end-it’s as simple as any mobile game out there right now. And though it doesn’t have much depth beyond casting and catching, it’s definitely relaxing to sit in a virtual Florida swamp and just pull out one bass after another. The graphics are impressive and the colors really pop, and the fish themselves all have silly-sounding names like “Salmon Sam” and “Crawdaddy Cove.”This is probably the most ‘relaxing’ game out now for something you can play with one hand.

If you’re looking for a game that will occupy hours of your time, you won’t find it here. But Resolution Games’ fishing simulator is a delightful way to kill some time if you’re into that sort of thing or are just looking for something to show your grandparents the next time they come over.

It’s a short adventure, but it packs plenty of charm and is an easy sell for anyone looking to introduce their friends or family to VR. The gameplay itself may be too simplistic for most people’s tastes, but the colors and environments are so bright and inviting that I don’t see many complaints there

The graphics in Bait! look good, and the sense of place is helped by the sound design. I’m happy to sit in a virtual fishing hole all day if you keep giving me fish to catch and look at – resolution games has succeeded on that front. It’s ideal for folks who want something simple and relaxing in VR

The stress-free experience is very entertaining and there are many fun things to see and do. It’s constantly engaging, with each different fish feeling like a new experience even when it’s one that has been seen before

There is something pure about Bait!, where all you need to do is cast your line in the water and wait for the fish to bite. It’s charming, relaxing, and accessible for people of all ages

While the game’s price may be a bit high at $19.99, if you’re looking for a new experience to show off what VR can do without too much weighty decision making or action, Bait! is probably worth your time and money

Besides being generally fun to play, it’s also the perfect game to show someone who hasn’t tried VR before. The best thing about Bait! is that it’s simple and accessible, making it a great gateway into the wider world of virtual reality

So, for those of you looking for your new favorite casual VR experience- one where all you really need to do is sit back and enjoy yourself- look no further than Bait! And if you have a relative who likes to fish, why not invite them over and let them have a go?

This is a fun little fishing game that is perfect if you’re looking for something relaxing. The allure of virtual reality gets used as an excuse to explore your surroundings, see detailed fish, and enjoy the calming atmosphere. If this is what VR has to offer as a first step, we should be excited about where it goes next.

Bait! is a casual fishing simulator that takes you out to an open body of water and lets your choose where you cast your line. There’s no pressure here- just find the spot you like best, cast your line using a button on the controller, and wait for one of over a dozen species o

The lack of a ‘real’ attachment to your fishing rod makes it feel less immersive, but that’s also what makes Bait! so accessible to people who may be inclined to try virtual reality for the first time. I can’t think of an experience that would explain virtual reality better than baiting a fish and then holding still until it bites!

Bait! does exactly what it sets out to do, and if you’re in the market for a fishing simulator this will absolutely scratch your itch. But beyond its genre trappings, Resolution Games’ latest work is a relaxing adventure that captures the wonder of standing on top of an ancient tower looking out over a massive lake, or watching schools of colorful fish swarm beneath your feet. And if you don’t have access to a VR headset but know someone who does? This is perfect for introducing them to virtual reality.

Bait! isn’t about catching big fish. It’s a relaxing, easy-going fishing simulator that proves VR can be fun without being over complicated. That said, it probably won’t be the most engaging experience for hardcore VR gamers looking for their next great challenge

The developer’s previous VR experiences have been much more ambitious in terms of scale and length, but this much smaller project still succeeds in being a calming, casual experience.

Bait! is a lovely time sink if you want to go fishing without going fishing. This may not be the deepest VR title out there, but it’s one that will appeal to those who just want a fishy story or two

You’re not going to get much mileage from Bait! if you’re looking for a game that challenges your reflexes or intelligence, but if you’re after something soothing and tranquil, it’s got the lot

This is worth picking up for its relaxing gameplay alone, but Resolution Games has packed in enough quality content into this tiny package to make it well worth the asking price. The developers have succeeded at making a virtual reality experience that can be enjoyed by everyone, and I hope to see even more people take the plunge into VR because of it.

Bait! is a simple game that fills a specific need- games where you just want to sit back and relax. It’s not going to give hardcore VR gamers much of anything but if you’re looking for a casual, accessible experience that you can really get lost in, Bait! is it.

I’d say Bait! is a great “first VR” game and if you’re looking for something more than just a demo or teaser then I’d give this a go. If you’re not into fishing games then there’s nothing here that’s going to change your mind but for those that are, it’s a nice little experience.

If you’re looking for a casual, accessible experience that can really get lost in, Bait! is it. The developer’s previous VR experiences have been much more ambitious in terms of scale and length, but this much smaller project still succeeds in being a calming, casual experience. I would say Bait! is perfect if you are looking for something relaxing to do with your friend who has never experienced virtual reality before- it will give them an idea of what the technology is capable of without overwhelming them or making them feel uncomfortable.

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