Audioshield Review

Audioshield is the premier oculus quest game, having launched alongside the headset on May 21st. A music rhythm game, Audioshield draws inspiration from titles like AudioSurf (2008) and Beat Saber (2018)

Audioshield’s gameplay consists of hitting orbs with shields in time to a song of your choice. Arrows are red if they hit one of your shields, blue if they pass through without effect. The orb colors correspond to their respective shield color: green beats you would want to block with an orange shield, orange beats you would want to block with a green shield

Currently, there are 25 songs available for purchase separately at $1.99 each or as part of the ‘Song pack’ for$10.99. Songs included in the ‘song pack’ are guaranteed to have both easy and hard charts available, with some songs having 2 difficulties for each song

Audioshield currently has MFi controller support but there does not appear to be any way of adding custom songs or changing the song selection after purchase

I’m rating Audioshield at 4/5 stars. Although it offers good value for money, I feel like $1.99 per game is a bit steep since you can get two games (Beat Saber) for only $2 more than one game here. Pacing issues exist in parts of certain songs due to their extremely high difficulty relative to their timing windows, which makes the game not quite as enjoyable when playing it. That said, Audioshield remains fun to play for the most part and I recommend it to fans of other rhythm games like Beat Saber or AudioSurf

Audioshield is available now on both Oculus Home and Steam. Check out their website for more information at

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