Audio Trip Review

Audio Trip is an Oculus Quest game that demands more attention than the player’s eyes

The artist, David Ariew, has an MFA in Digital Arts with a focus on VR and games from UC Irvine. He now teaches at San Francisco State University as a full-time professor of digital arts. Additionally, he works as a full-time artist and musician. His work is heavily inspired by his time living in California. The player travels through waves of light that feel like they’re coming from outer space to bring people together and create community.

To master the game, the player must listen carefully for specific sounds and react accordingly. When “listening” the controller vibrates, and it is this vibration that gives the player information – a rhythm in which they must follow. The soundtrack for Audio Trip includes influences from disco to experimental electronic music. When playing, players can listen to their own playlists through Spotify.

In conclusion, Audio Trip has an interesting concept and simple gameplay mechanics so users of all ages can easily learn and play. The game has beautiful graphics that are aesthetically pleasing for players.

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