Adam Savage’s Tested VR Review

Adam Savage’s Tested VR is a show that follows the process of building a single object-a different one every episode-to completion. In this case, Adam builds a game for the Oculus Quest as part of his ongoing quest to learn how to make things as an adult. It’s definitely the most fun I’ve had watching him build anything yet.

The One Day Builds are also great, but I’m not sure they are as interesting to watch for everyone else who isn’t a maker. Adam’s Tested VR episode on building with Oculus Quest is another story though. This time around you get to go inside his “Cave” workshop for a glimpse of how he makes things.

It’s surprising that this opportunity has taken so long to be realized. I mean, they’ve filmed these experiments with stereoscopic cameras before, like in his Thermite forge episode, so what took them so long? The real world 360°/180° format is perfect for showing off someone’s workshop in detail. I think this is because it has never before been the focus, so they’ve always had to cut between different cameras during filming.

Now, with all his tools in full view inside that cave, you can really see what makes him tick. It certainly doesn’t hurt that he chose to build a VR game for the Quest as the first episode, given how popular these are.

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