Accounting+ Review

In Accounting+, you play as a digital construct in a computer system. You wake up, talk to your supervisor about the current state of the system, and then get ready for work – thus beginning your day. The game starts with “day 0” so I assume this will be a long cycle. Here’s how it goes:

Day 1 -You are trying to find your way around. You’ll come across some broken-down robots, a guy with an octopus for a head who tells you he needs help finding his legs, and none other than the president of the company himself. It’s also two days until Christmas!

Day 2 – Today you need to deliver some paperwork that will earn you a promotion. You’ll get a little sidetracked because you never did find those robot legs, but you’ll get there eventually.

Day 3 – It’s Christmas Eve! All of the spirits in this computer system are celebrating together, even though it’s probably not safe for them to do so… Just look at that guy with an octopus head!

Day 4 – It’s Christmas morning! You wake up to a system-wide message from none other than Santa Claus himself. After hearing the good news, you have some fun with your friends and then go to sleep for another day.

Day 5 – You may think it’s a new day but actually, it’s the same one- it’s still Christmas morning. Santa Claus comes to visit each family in the system one more time.

Day 6 – You wake up feeling refreshed! It’s another day of work, but there are no more distractions this time; you’re focused and ready to get your promotion. But not if the president has anything to say about it…Day 7 – The promotion is finally yours, and today you’re rewarded with a special gift!

Overall I’d rate this game an 8 out of 10. It’s a short but sweet experience that’ll only take you about two hours to complete, but it’s definitely worth the money. If you enjoyed games like Rose and Time Machine -you will love this.

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