A Fisherman’s Tale Review

A Fisherman’s Tale takes the player to the town of Castleton, where they must investigate the disappearance of a fisherman. The game is divided into three chapters, each with one or more puzzles that need to be solved. Gameplay focuses on looking around an environment and finding clues to progress through it. When all puzzles are solved, players can move on to the next chapter.

The fisherman, Henry, thinks that his friend Dylan has gone missing and asks for help in finding him. While looking around for clues, players meet with a strange puppet who claims to be able to tell them what happened. The rest of the game is spent playing as this puppet and trying to find out what really happened.

The game is played by looking around with the headset, finding clues on how to solve puzzles and understanding what they mean so that you can progress through the game. It’s not challenging at all but it’s still fun, especially if you like games that involve solving puzzles. There are some bugs here and there but nothing major or game-breaking.

In my opinion, the game would have been a lot better if it was longer and had more puzzles. Also, as much as I enjoy linear games, this one is just way too linear. There’s simply not enough to do in the town for this to be a good open-world game, unlike Fortnite or Minecraft.

Despite these flaws, I enjoyed my time with this game and would recommend it to people who enjoy puzzle games.

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