2MD: VR Football Unleashed Review

About 2MD: VR Football Unleashed

2MD: VR Football Unleashed developed by Truant Pixel, LLC is a PlayStation®VR exclusive virtual reality (VR) football game that requires players to play “the most dominant sport of the future” in both real-time and strategy modes where you have to choose your plays. The game uses real-life NFL and NCAA teams and is developed with Unreal Engine 4. The title was released on 30th September 2017.

2MD: VR Football Unleashed is a pretty unique experience where you use the PlayStation®VR headset to immerse yourself in an American football match viewed from the eyes of the Quarterback (QB). You view the field from this perspective and at the start of a play you have to decide which plays your team will use by pressing face buttons on the controller. Once you’ve made your selection, all you do is wait for the play to develop and hope that your choices were correct.

2MD: VR Football Unleashed’s gameplay can be broken down into two modes – Strategy Mode and real-Time Mode.

Strategy Mode

The strategy mode is the more realistic of the two modes, for some reason or another you are always playing as the home team so this leaves your opponent as AI. You have to call plays in real-time just like any other game. Each play has a different set of controls which must be pressed in a set order. The only issue with this mode is that the plays are very limited and you have to pray your team makes an interception because it’s virtually impossible to stop an opponent from scoring if they know what they’re doing.

Real-Time Mode

In this mode, your main objective is simply to score as many touchdowns as you can. You start off on offense and your opponent starts off on defense so all you have to do is run the ball into the endzone, just like real life. The controls are slightly different but easy to pick up after one go. When playing in this mode against the AI, it’s usually very simple as they don’t call plays. All you have to think about is if your team should run or pass the ball.


The entire game feels very empty. The stadium which you are playing in only has a few people there, most of which are actually invisible until you get close to them so they feel more like props. There are also no flags on the field which makes it look like an international game. Despite this, the stadium feels realistic and looks very good on the PlayStation®VR headset, there’s one minor issue where you can see white outlines around some of the objects but it doesn’t take away from the experience too much.

Then you have your character who is supposed to be you (QB). The first time you put on the helmet you’ll feel like you’re in a game but after that, you’ll notice that your character doesn’t really move like one. For some reason or another players can run into each other and not react at all. Also, most of the time when passing the ball there’s no animation to show it happening; rather you just see your character’s arm move in the direction of where you’re aiming. This isn’t very immersive and makes it look like an early access game rather than a full release title.

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