How to Watch YouTube Lying Down on Oculus Quest 2

I watch videos on fairly regularly for both business and pleasure.

I’ve been amazed at some of the 360 degree videos that I can access through YouTubeVR on my Oculus Quest 2 – from floating across the Swiss Alps to visiting the International Space Station.

I also use regular YouTube for my own personal and professional development to learn from others and increase the profitability of my businesses.

I like to have a clear inbox but there are usually about 10-15 emails sitting in there with links to videos that I plan to watch in the future – I usually do this before I go to sleep, lying in bed and holding my phone up (which I believe has given me a repetitive strain injury).

I tried watching a video lying down and was not impressed

So, one evening (not long after I bought my Oculus Quest 2) I got to thinking “wouldn’t it be so much easier to watch YouTube videos lying down with my VR goggles on”.

I gave it a try but the video screen was a little too low in my line of site. I tried adjusting the viewpoint by holding down the Oculus button for 2 seconds but unfortunately this didn’t work. The next morning I had a sore neck.

I did a quick search but couldn’t find anything online about how to adjust the screen position, so I assumed that it was not possible.

On my second attempt, I found a solution

Fortunately, I did return to this issue a few days later and found a solution (completely by accident).

I lay down on my back and set up a stationary guardian boundary, then opened YouTube VR (free to download and plays regular videos as well).

I chose the video I wanted – it was a podcast so I thought I could just close my eyes and listen, only opening them (and straining my neck) when visuals were shown.

About halfway through the video, I wanted a cigarette so I reached down to grab the controller and lo and behold, the screen moved position. After a little play, I realised that pointing the laser at the screen and holding the trigger (the lower trigger that you press with your middle finger) allows you to drag the screen to wherever you like in your field of vision.

Instructions for moving the YouTube screen

  1. Point either of the the controller’s laser pointer at the video screen.
  2. Hold down the lower trigger.
  3. Move the controller around until the screen is in the perfect position.
  4. Let go of the trigger and enjoy your video.

I also discovered that you can zoom the screen in and out (making it bigger/closer or smaller/further away) using the thumbsticks on the controllers.

As I was unable to find any help online with this issue, I thought I’d publish a post about it to hopefully help others. Please let me know in the comments below if this has been useful to you 🙂

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